Why Can’t I Schedule a Post on Facebook?

Scheduling a post on Facebook used to be as easy as writing your post and choosing a drop-down option to specify date and time for the post to go public. Unfortunately, this easy path is no longer available.

Did Facebook cancel the option to schedule posts? No, they did not. But they certainly complicated the process. 

In this post, we present an easy three-step step guide to scheduling posts on Facebook in their new way.

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Dos and Don’ts on LinkedIn

As Social Mediums, we discuss at length the use of different online media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook or a personal website, for sharing scholarly work, networking, and collaborating. Recently, we explored another popular social media platform for professionals – LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is used mostly for professional networking and job opportunities. Since many recruiters and peers will be looking at your profile, it’s important that your online presence is well prepared. 

In this post, we present the dos and don’ts on LinkedIn.

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Twitter is Testing a ‘Hide Tweet’ Option

Keeping conversations civil, active and engaging on social media could be challenging. As Social Mediums, we discuss at length how to keep conversations healthy and how to deal with trolls. Until now Twitter provided three options to this matter: block, mute, or report, but none of them completely addressed the issue. The first two only affect the experience of the blocker, and ‘report’ only works for the content that violates Twitter policies. But all this is about to change as Twitter is working on a new feature that will let users the ability to hide replies to their tweets, giving them more ways to control what is seen in their feeds. 

– The Social Mediums. 

Best Practices

Do You Know Your Copyrights?

You are finally ready to share your questions, ideas, research, and conclusions with the world. You have your manuscript reviewed and accepted by the chosen journal. EXCITMENT. You are about to sign the copyright agreement… STOP! Do you know what you are agreeing to? Will you be able to use or share this article after it is published?
In this post, we discuss how to use SHEPRA RoMEO to learn publisher copyright policies and self-archiving for future use and sharing of your published work on social media. 

— The Social Mediums


Using SCOPUS Alerts with Social Media Campaigns on Academic Research

Keeping up to date with advances in your chosen field and of those of the faculty and students in your department is now much easier due to the availability of email alerts and RSS feeds provided by many databases. In this post, we discuss how to use Scopus Alerts to keep current with new publications, which you may use to share on social media platforms. It is a follow-up to our previous post on the topic: using Google Scholar Alerts to collect content for sharing. — Social Mediums

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