Streamlining Image Posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have different dimensional requirements or optimization guidelines for posting images on their various feeds, which can make for time-consuming work if one needs to create 3+ versions of the same photo or poster. This blog post will talk about a strategy for streamlining this process by creating one  “universally functional” image file.

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Creating a Program Blog Site using the CUNY Academic Commons

One of the ways in which Program Social Media Fellows help students, faculty, and alumni to share their recent scholarly accomplishments, is through the The CUNY Academic Commons (click here to read a recent post explaining what the CUNY Commons is and how to create your own website using the Commons). As fellows we are responsible for creating and maintaining our respective programs’ CUNY Academic Commons sites, which serve as platforms through which we can share recent student, faculty, and alumni scholarly accomplishments. The purpose of a program’s Commons site varies from program to program. Some programs feature a variety of information on their Commons site, from admissions guidelines, to programs of study and student profiles (see Political Science Commons site). Other programs create a Commons site to share information about student, faculty, and alumni accomplishments, program events, newsletters, and colloquiums (see the Commons Site for the Educational Psychology Program, which I have worked to curate over the past couple of semesters). The latter option provides an opportunity for fellows or other students to design a Program Blog.

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Using the PressForward plugin to create a new post on your WordPress website

Do you regularly collect content from the web to post on a WordPress-based website? If so, consider using the PressForward plugin to make the process simpler and more efficient. In this blog post, I will describe my experience of using the plugin to create a new post on the Sociology PhD Program’s CUNY Academic Commons site.  

For starters, PressForward is a free WordPress plugin that helps you centralize news or information that is of interest to you in one place. It is an extremely useful tool if you frequently gather information from various web sources and republish them. When gathering the sources, you can use the RSS reader function provided by the plugin or use the “Nominate This” bookmarklet while browsing the web. This blog post will focus on the “Nominate This” bookmarklet, which I find most helpful when creating new content for the website I manage. 

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Why Can’t I Schedule a Post on Facebook?

Scheduling a post on Facebook used to be as easy as writing your post and choosing a drop-down option to specify date and time for the post to go public. Unfortunately, this easy path is no longer available.

Did Facebook cancel the option to schedule posts? No, they did not. But they certainly complicated the process. 

In this post, we present an easy three-step step guide to scheduling posts on Facebook in their new way.


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A New Form of Academic Communication


Across college campuses, various academic departments utilize newsletters to share information on upcoming events, faculty publications, and student spotlights. On the administrative side, these tend to take a long time to make. On the reader’s end, they can be informative but not exciting.

In addition, while constant communication with your reader is of great importance, in academia newsletters tend to be published at the end of each semester or school year— when we are most overwhelmed by our work and more prone to ignoring our emails. Also, while effective graphic design is fundamental to attracting the reader’s attention, it does not come naturally and easy to most people in and outside academia. As I sought solutions to these common problems, I came across email newsletters. Continue reading

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