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Whose Terms? – From Chronicle of Higher Education

TheĀ GC Teaching and Learning Center recently released a group-authored handbook for teaching at CUNY that is not only a beautiful digital presentation of some seriously useful content, but enhanced by encouraging the use of, a powerful annotation tool (see the chapter “How to Interact with this Guide.” Annotations can be private and shared, opening up the possibility for this digital handbook to be a radically group-authored hypertext. Annotation tools are extremely powerful and one of the most exciting types of social media tools for scholars. This piece from The Chronicle of Higher Education brings up the usual question terms of service (especially relevant in light of the roll back of Net Neutrality protections recently) with specific mention to annotation programs. The old axiom is that if the service is free, you are the product. As we rush to integrate digital tools into our teaching and research, sometimes we lose sight of what we’re offering up of ourselves, our colleagues and our students. As social mediums, people who actively try to encourage folks to share their work, it’s important to heed these warnings so that folks can make good decisions with their work and data. — Social Mediums

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Using Google Scholar Alerts to Collect Content for Sharing

In this post we discuss how to use Google Scholar Alerts to stay on top of newly published scholarship, some of which may be appropriate for sharing via social media. It’s a way to make your searches for relevant content easier and of course to stay-up-to-date on new scholarship in general. — Social Mediums

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