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Metrics for your Research Impact – From the Chronicle of Higher Education

The Social Mediums are kind of metrics wonks. The work of promotion and social engagement can seem very *squishy* if you can’t measure your impact and figure out what’s working and what’s not. Increasingly, as scholarship moves online it’s becoming harder to aggregate the impact of all the ways research can be shared. This article describes  a new toolkit that helps people do this and puts it into a very attractive page (take a look at this sample here: ). Think of it like  CV for your research’s digital impact. It’s pretty impressive – The Social Mediums

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Strategies for Encouraging Effective Student Discussions – From Chronicle of Higher Education

It’s easy to forget that “social media” encompass much more than Twitter of Facebook. As social media fellows, we don’t just think of it as platforms, but also as a way of thinking about digital life that encourages interaction, discussion, and collaboration. Sometimes, technology as simple as discussion boards in classes presents opportunities to rethink praxis. This great article from The Chronicle of Higher Education brings together a wealth of useful material on encouraging discussion in classrooms. Nearly everything here is of use in digital spaces, too! – Social Mediums

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